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Transport traditionnel dans le sud marocain

Transport traditionnel dans le sud marocain

- If you are traveling by car:

see the access map at the bottom of the home page

To note :

Your journey will take country roads, passing through busy towns or villages, where traffic is slow.

Road signs are often faulty and require great attention, especially at night, as there are often unlit carts and bicycles.
Take these parameters into account to evaluate your travel time, in order to arrive at your destination within the 2 p.m. - 9 p.m. time slot.

- If you travel by Supratours bus:

Please inform me in advance of your origin and arrival time.
You must get off at Hassilabied (last stop before the center of Merzouga).
The Vallée des Dunes is located 300m from the bus stop, in the direction of Merzouga, on the right of the road, after the hotel "Les Flamants Roses", and just opposite the dunes and the palm grove.

- If you travel by CTM bus:

CTM buses stop in Rissani. You can reach La Vallée des Dunes by public transport or taxi.